Thursday, July 19, 2012

our first trip out: Emart

After a day of unpacking, we needed to go to Emart. Emart is described as a Wal-Mart-like store. But I found it a little pricier than WalMart. For example, we bought the cheapest fan they had for $40. That's not really important. Let me tell you about the store. It's about a 15-20 minute drive from Good Morning Hill, and our staff support from KIS came and picked us up this morning. We went with a group of families from KIS.

The carts are locked! Put in a coin (the korean dime, if you will) and the carts unlock. You get your money back when you return the cart 
The store is 4 stories and we started at the bottom and worked our way up.

Look what else Emart has
We started at the play area. For $7 you can leave your child at the playland for 2 hours. We decided it was worth it, so all the kids with us who were over 4 (Gruby, Connor & Sean) stayed at playland.

Jim and I started on the bottom floor-the grocery. We found dishwashing soap (I LOVE having a dishwasher again!), and these Ramen noodle type things. We had some samples and headed upstairs to home things and appliances. This is where we found our $40 fan, a coffee maker, trash can and cleaned them out of hangers (unfortunately, still not enough hangers).

exercise while killing flies? Sign me up!

We only had 2 hours in the store and you know how quickly 2 hours can go in a store like that. We all started to get hungry so we headed back to the first floor to the food court.
 We picked up the kids and they were all a totally sweaty mess. Play land appears to be un-air conditioned
get that kid a gatorade and a shower. Now.
Ruby explaining that play land had a sweatin' to the oldies VHS with Richard Simmons

We ordered food, ate (spaghetti for the kids and me, bipimbop for Jim), got ice cream at the Baskin Robins in the food court and headed home.

Good Morning Hill Fun Facts
Let me tell you about the trash situation here. It's advanced. Bridget Farley, you would love the trash situation. At our apartment complex there is a covered area with different colored bins. Everyone separates their trash. There are containers for plastic, cardboard & paper, Styrofoam, food, and trash trash (i.e. diapers). On Tuesday there were some men working in the trash area and they showed me where everything went. After the trip to Emart I went with boxes and such and was told (I think) that I couldn't take the cardboard trash out at that time. All of it was gone and a woman told me "Wednesday 9:00". I'm guessing that means they collect it at 9 on Wednesdays, but it leaves me wondering when I'm allowed to leave it out. I brought the boxes back up with me and put them back in our storage area.

At Good Morning Hill there are 4 playgrounds and the kids are in love!


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    1. It's been somewhat hot like 85-ish and humid. Yesterday it was a lot cooler...70 maybe. Playland at Emart is kept at like 120, I think

  2. Your blog is GREAT! Love being able to follow you in your new home!