Saturday, January 31, 2015

A video week in review

We've been working on a video project all week. Many people have asked me if it was inspired by Adam Hobbs; it was not. I wouldn't dream of pretending that this is a documentary, because it's not. It's a video mashup. I took the idea from a teacher at KIS who took the idea from this TED talk. All great things start with a TED talk, isn't that what they say? The TED talk was from a guy who put together a video made up of 1 second video clips of every day for a year. We can't make that kind of commitment to anything without a hefty signing bonus, so we did 2 second clips throughout each day for one week.

As I was doing this, I have to admit, it felt very narcissistic. So let me tell you this-it is a little narcissistic on the surface. And I am posting it to the blog which makes me feel even more narcissistic, but in a way, it's more for me than for you. Our blog serves a few purposes: it started out as a way for friends and family to keep up with us and see what we're doing while living far away (finally-the name of the blog has been revealed to you!) but it has really become a kind of modern day scrapbook for me.

With all this in mind, I have a few disclaimers about the video:
1. Your life looks AWESOME when you set it to music
2. These are not necessarily highlights, they are just things that happened during the week, but don't think everything is perfect-believe me the kids complain and cry as much (more than?) kids in any other family; but I don't need to watch that any more than I already do in real life.
3. I love this video. I want to do one for every week for the rest of my life.
4. You should do this in your own life.
5. Jim chose the music (the perfect music)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Goodbye Adam Hobbs

Before we started teaching internationally, I met a woman who had taught at an international school in Columbia. She told me that I would love international teaching. She specifically talked about how quickly and closely friendships are made. She said within a month you'll have friends who be like sisters and you'll be braiding each other's hair in no time. Both of these things are true for me, Jim just doesn't have enough hair. 

This is also the drawback. International teachers are transient. So those tight knit friends come and go and spread out all over the world. Or just to San Franscisco. My work wife, Katie, has a real life husband, Adam. Adam is a cinematographer, and he starts a new job at airbnb in a few weeks. Airbnb has offices in Seoul, but Adam was hired to work at the mothership in San Francisco. Katie will finish out the school year here, then join him in California and leave me, weeping, in Korea. 

But let me back up. Adam has a new documentary movie coming out Finder's Keepers. And, out of around 4,000 entries, this was one of 120 to actually get into the Sundance Film Festival. Adam filmed a lot of the movie and is credited as the Director of Photography. And it's getting a lot of buzz: The Hollywood Reporter, The LA Times, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Huffington Post, and everyone at Seoul campus is talking about it. Here's a preview of the film:

The movie premiers at Sundance on Tuesday and Adam is officially moving to America. He leaves on Sunday. We decided to throw him a Sundance themed going away party.

We had a red carpet!

And cookies shaped like the Oscar award

Everyone dressed up.

Kathlyn and Hannah

And we had a photo booth!

Here are the pictures from the photobooth. So many....

We'll miss you Adam!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Bringing in 2015 in Hua Hin

When Jim is ready, he'll tell you all about New Year's Eve in Hua Hin. But for now, here are the pictures.