Friday, October 16, 2015

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

A few weeks ago was Cheusok. Cheusok is very similar to Thanksgiving, but no turkey or pie. And as you know, we don't participate in holidays if there's no pie.

We traveled to Malaysia! After talking with Jeff about Cheusok during the first month of school, we decided we'd all go somewhere together. Jim and I wanted to go to Bali, Jeff and Anna wanted to go someplace they hadn't been before. The problems we have! Jeff found cheap flights, and that was enough to persuade us.

As we were leaving for the airport, Jeff casually said, "nothing could possibly go wrong on this trip". Jim and I scolded him for jinxing/ruining everything. (Spoiler alert-the trip was great anyway). To get to our resort we needed to take a 6 hour flight from Seoul to Kualal Lumpur, Malaysia, then a short 45 minute flight to a coastal town, then take the ferry to the island the following morning. I hate trips like this, but this one was surprisingly painless.

As we ate dinner in the airport (at Wendy's!), Jeff was walking around with his baby and said he ran into the Jenkins, a family who worked at KIS last year who now live in China and that they were on their way to the same island. We all told Jeff he was full of it (he is almost always full of it).

We spent our first night in Kota Bharu. It's a small coastal town. We got food at a market in the morning. Breakfast was chicken and rice with coffee and then we found the good stuff: donuts. I can't remember the name but $1 worth was a huge bag with fried dough with a peach jam in it. The vacation eating had begun!

We took a taxi to the pier and got on our boat-and among the 10 people on the boat other than us, there were the Jenkins. It was crazy and so perfect. They have 3 kids and our kids already all know each other and played together the whole week. It couldn't have been better.

When we got to the resort, we took off our shoes and didn't put them on again until we left. We stayed at the Tuna Bay resort and the coral in front of the resort was amazing. We got snorkel masks and spent the rest of the week exploring the ocean. We saw parrot fish, eels (yikes!), and octopus (it inked when Jim swam closer to it, how embarrassing), and we swam with turtles. We relaxed, we napped, we swam, we ate. Every day. It was actually the perfect vacation. Here's a video summary:

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