Wednesday, July 29, 2015

San Francisco: Day Three

Saturday was Adam's birthday and we got out of the city. 

 We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and drove up some hills and then down some hills to Bolinas, a quiet beach town.

Me and Katie, with sunglasses and without:

Jim and me

We were on the beach all day. Jim read, I slept, Moses dug in the sand and Katie and Adam walked around. 
Jim and his kindle

For dinner, we went to a restaurant called Bocce in Sausalito.
the view from the table.
For Adam's birthday dessert we went to Cream. For $3, you pick two cookies and an ice cream flavor (and candy topping, optional) and they turn it into an ice cream sandwich. I got one oatmeal raisin, one snickerdoodle, peanut butter icecream and heath bar.
We're putting on our annual American weight with the best food possible.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

San Francisco: Duex (a visit to airbnb)

Airbnb is the whole reason any of us ended up in San Francisco because Adam got a job there. Airbnb is like one of those start ups you've heard about. Well, let me tell you, we saw it first hand. This place is crazy. 

While I decide how to describe it, you can check out pictures of the lobby:

they share the building with pinterest (I have to say, I'm
pretty disappointed in the blandness of the pinterest sign)
OK, I'll start with the lunch room. Airbnb provides breakfast, lunch and dinner every day except Sundays and, apparently, you can bring your friends (us!).

Proof that it's not just Rice a Roni
The menu
The lunch: salad bar (with chicken, raisins, ricotta, almonds... you know, more than just a can of chicken and a metal container of lettuce)
This day, we had macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and sloppy joes. While we could have had beer on tap, iced coffee or lemonade, we had the homemade limeade (no really, we met the woman who made it). Served in ambiance:

Then we got the tour.

Man, I'd be so fat if I worked here. There are kitchens scattered throughout the office. The kitchens all have stocked fridges, beer on tap and snacks (yogurt covered pretzels, even). Different kitchens had different things-one was for making sandwiches. There were sandwich items stocked all the time and, of course, a panini press. Another kitchen had avocado chocolate pudding (amazing, by the way).

There's not just awesome kitchens at airbnb. The offices are in a very open space, but there are conference rooms all around. Some conference rooms are replicas of actual airbnb rentals and other spaces are designed for quiet space or comfort or other (there's a ball pit).

Conference room modeled after the airstream trailer airbnb

After begging HR to add an ESL department to airbnb, we headed out to do some shopping before picking up Adam for dinner. Katie made sure we visited the Farley's coffee shop. I bought a long sleeve shirt there because July in San Francisco is like March in normal places (and the shirt is awesome and says "Farley's est. 1989" on it-that will keep people guessing).

After our shopping, we met up with Adam and ate at Off the Grid for dinner. Off the Grid is a big circle of food trucks. You just go and get what you want and then eat on the grass.

Oh boy, and it's only Friday! Read on, friends. Read on.

San Francisco: I

Did you know that Katie and Adam moved to San Francisco? Well they did and Jim and I went to check it out.

Katie and Adam picked us up at the airport-despite having their car towed earlier that day (that Fiat 500 fits a surprising amount of people and luggage and is a steal at $8 per hour; more about getaround later).

The next day we walked around the city, saw some things and then got tacos for lunch! San Francisco is really dog friendly. You may think your city is dog friendly (I'm looking at you, Denver) but San Francisco is more dog friendly. Dogs are allowed into all stores-everywhere, really-but not in places with food. So Katie's dog, Moses, had to wait outside while we ate (see below):

We enjoyed dinner that night at the Slanted Door. Vietnamese food is awesome. Vietnamese coffee is even awesomer.

So that was our first day, lots of hanging out and eating. I'll leave you with some General San Fran Awesomeness:
This is what 55 degrees in July looks like

This was just day one. Read on, friends, read on!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer School 2015

This year our school offered a 4 week summer program. About 100 kids and a group of teachers signed up for it. Because the Farleys are brilliant, Jim and I decided job share! Some times Jim would work in the morning and I would work in the afternoon or vice-versa and some times we would work a full day one day and take a day off while the other one worked. But the kids went for full days! This meant that Jim and I had time to see movies, meet friends for lunch, recover from arm surgery or workout. We also took naps, lots of naps. It was brilliant.
For the kids, the summer program involved a lot of swimming, hiking, biking and learning about science. Here's a video of what it was like for the kids in quick 2 second clips (Jim and I worked with 3rd-5th grade, so there's not a lot of August in the video, but he had a great time):