Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A visit to the Rocky Mountains

We are from Denver, Colorado. Colorado is well known for having the Rocky Mountains run through half of the state and some of the best ski resorts. It's summer here, so we're not skiing obviously, but it's very hot in Denver and much cooler in the mountains. We started with a train ride on the Georgetown Loop

We met up with Conor, Bridget and Ben. We rode on the steam train for an hour through the mountains. The kids loved it. We all loved it.

After riding the train, we had pizza at Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs and after dinner Ben, Bridget and Conor went back to Denver and we headed to Winter Park, Colorado. And look! Along the way we saw a mama and baby moose eating by the side of the road. The picture quality is terrible-it was dusk and we were in the car. Since being here for a day and reading informational flyers posted around, we've learned that moose aren't scared of people and they will charge you-basically, stay away from moose!

We woke up this morning and went to the Winter Park ski resort. In the summer they have fun  activities that kept us busy all day. 

My favorite activity-the alpine slide. They've set up two paths that go from the top of the ski mountain down to the bottom. You ride on a sled with wheels. It has a break that you control, so it's not that scary. 
Look at how beautiful these mountains are!
This is at the top of the alpine slide

We took the ski lift up the mountain (you can see what it looks like to sled down in this video)

Here we are at the bottom!

Grace and Ruby enjoyed some healthy competition on the climbing wall. The went about 10 minutes apart from each other, but the pictures prove that they made it to the same exact spot about half way up before repelling down. They must really be twins.

Ruby's favorite of the day was the bungee/trampoline/jumping thing. Step one, get fitted in a harness:

oooh I look good in mine!
Then jump!

Here's Ruby doing a flip:

We finished the day with some amazing American BBQ! So delicious. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

End of the year interviews

Last year we interviewed each other about our first year in Korea. We did the same thing this year. Here you go!

Here's the Jim and Irish interviews: