Saturday, August 24, 2013

I do! (A trip to the "wedding dress" cafe)

There are many themed cafes in Seoul. I've blogged about some of them here: the Little Prince Kid's Cafe, the trampoline cafe, Dr. Fish cafe. Today some friends and I went to another one-the wedding dress cafe. You might be asking yourself, is that as awesome as it sounds? Yes, it is.

Today we went to the Princess Diary (directions at the bottom). The cafe has little rooms with tables where you can sit with your friend(s) and enjoy your drink before trying on a dress. We were put at a larger, more open space up a small flight of stairs looking down on the cafe because we had a large group. 

See the little house room with a table inside?
This woman had a guy dressing up with her! If only we had known
-think of how much fun our male companions could have had?!

We were given a menu of drinks and pricing. The drinks ranged from hot chocolate and coffee, to teas, smoothies and milkshakes. The pricing guide explains that there's a minimum $6 fee (this includes a drink) and dresses range from $10 to $40 to try on. If you wear the dress for over 30 minutes there is an additional fee. Also, you have to finish your drink and it's suggested that you use the bathroom before putting on the dress.

Grace got an oreo shake
So did Ruby.
When we finished our drinks, we went down stairs to the closet and we were shown which dresses cost what.
Ruby helps Anna (August's new teacher!) sort through dresses
They did not allow the girls to try on any dresses, Grace was really disappointed, but Ruby still had fun trying on veils. 

They took us, four at a time, into the dressing room. They dressed us and gave us shoes. 
Myah peaks into the dressing room wondering if it's her turn yet.

Then the pictures begin. 

Look! I'm a model!

Grace was still upset about not getting to try on a dress. That didn't stop us from getting some great pictures to remember forever (since I made her pouty face lovelier by covering it with flowers):

Turns out, I'm not the only model...
Erin and Meredith

Memories made between Anna and Meredith

Meredith and Elloise

Bonny and Katie, together forever


Jen and her daughter, Elloise

Special moments: Me and Myah

Anna (August's new teacher!) and me

Let's put this on facebook:

I do! Me and Katie (those are some fierce tan lines, Katie)

Bonny, a bride in the Old West?


Look at us! Let's go back tomorrow!

Directions to Princess Diary. Take Line 2 to Ewha Women's University station Exit 3. Walk straight out. The cafe is less than 2 blocks away. It will be on your right hand side just before the Juno Salon. As you're walking, look up for the Princess Diary sign. The door to the cafe is around the building right across from the Juno salon and very expensive toy store.

This is the sign you're looking for-it's not easy to spot...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Staying cool in Jeongja

It's been so darn hot and humid in Seoul. It was this way last year too. Before returning to Seoul, I decided that I would avoid going outside until mid-September. I've been fairly successful with this goal. Most days I go from our moderately air conditioned apartment (energy crisis) to our car in the parking garage, then drive in the air conditioned car to another air conditioned building. 

Here's the exception so far: new friends took us to the wading pool in Jeongja. Jeongja is close to where we are in Suji. The pool has 2 depths: very shallow (probably 3 inches of water) and shallow (about 2 feet of water).

 People seemed to be setting up camp for the whole day. They would put up these little beach tents and order food. People come around frequently with fliers for different restaurants that deliver food to you at the pool.
after being in the water and away from my bag for about
30 minutes, I came back to find all these fliers.
Since we don't speak Korean, but we wanted to order, I walked to a friendly looking woman 2 tents away and asked her to call by pointing to the phone number on the flier and then pointing to the #1 set.
 She spoke to the people and I recognized one word: "Waygook" which means "foreigner". When the delivery person arrived, he called us back. He couldn't find us at first, so the woman who had made the initial call handled the call and Jim made the hand off.

 What can you get delivered? Pizza, fried chicken, bar food in a sense. What did we get delivered? The "Big Burger" set. The set comes with a liter of coke, a burger meant to be eaten by several people and a box of waffle fries.

As far as I'm concerned, this is the only thing worth going outside for in Seoul in the month of August.