Sunday, July 28, 2013

My one Red Rocks workout of the year

Our time is winding down, and for my last Saturday in Denver, I had to get a Red Rocks workout in with my buddy, Jody. Red Rocks is an outdoor amphitheater, you probably remember it from John Tesh's best selling album, John Tesh, Live at Red Rocks

Who wouldn't want to workout at this place?! It's beautiful! Here are some pictures I took pre-workout:

 And I get to workout with Denver's best personal trainer, Jamie Atlas aka Bonza Bodies aka  LiveWell Colorado Rally Man aka 9news fitness guy aka Denver Post fitness expert aka Channel 31 fitness guy. You get the idea.
Jamie, taking a break from signing autographs to teach a class
The view from the bottom, we park at the there's no choice, to get home I have to go up.

car is at the top. car is at the top. car is at the top. must make it
or I'll be stuck here forever
Jody and I made stretching look so lovely, don't we?
Jody and I finished by getting lunch at a cafe in Morrison. The service was terrible, but the decor was fantastic.

See you next summer Red Rocks, I'll remember you each time I listen to my John Tesh Live at Red Rocks album!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Road trip across America: Day 2

This morning we woke up and went down for breakfast at the hotel. It's always funny driving in an unfamiliar place at night in the dark and looking out in the morning to see where you are. It turns out we were sleeping next to a buffalo farm.
August was excited to see these "hippopotamuses"
and told us that you shouldn't feed them after midnight
We got on the road shortly after 8. Again, we took notes.

Captain August says "Arrrrg"

Mile 787, 8:45am: Missed the "Welcome to Missouri" sign-stupid campera

St. Louis
Mile 806, 9:04am: Traffic stopped   9:07am: passed the tow truck
9:55: Irish has set a goal for herself to learn all the words to Bust a Move. Dare to dream.
10:55am: Visited the world's slowest McDonalds (slower than the one at Sunae) and switched drivers
Mile 1000: we're 33 miles East of Kansas City
11:15: After reading a billboard advising women about the signs of ovarian cancer (stiffness, stomach pain, need to urinate), Jim determines that he has ovarian cancer
Kansas City

Mile 1020, 1:03pm: Switch drivers.
Mile 1059, 1:40: Grace says "Why can't we fly to Denver? Why can't dad just drive back again and we fly?"
Mile 1074, 1:53pm: The first sign for Denver! 560 miles away
Mile 1118, 2:47pm: Kansas goes on FOREVER
Topeka, KS

Mile 1204, 3:59pm: So tired. So bored.
Mile 1289, 4:59pm: start playing "The Kansas Game" (a trivia game that I made up)
5:19pm: Move on from "The Kansas Game". Ruby didn't lose well. I'm bored and hungry.
Mile 1362, 5:53pm: August keeps asking over and over if we're there yet. I think he's hoping we'll give up eventually and say yes.
5:55pm: Even NPR is boring in Kansas
Are we there yet?

Seriously, are we there yet?

Mile 1378, 6:05pm: Stop in Oakly, KS for dinner, gas, switch drivers.
6:35: driving again. It all looks the same!
(*to prove a point, we took pictures driving in Kansas throughout the day. These pictures were taken hours apart.)

Mile 1450, 7:30pm: COLORADO! Goodbye Kansas, you won't be missed.
Mile 1500, 7:05 (new time zone): exactly 2 fm radio stations come in-barely.
Mile 1580, 8:10pm: Mountains! Sunset.

Mile 1617, 8:35pm: We're in Denver!

Mile 1637, 8:55pm: HOME

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Road trip across America: Day 1

After a perfect night at Hershey Park with Jim’s parents last night, we headed out this morning toward Denver. 

Our initial plan was to take 3 days, but we felt abitious, so we’re trying to do it in only 2 days. The trip from Hershey, Pennslvania to Denver, Colorado takes 24 hours. So it comes down to a choice between 3 long 8 hour days or 2 long 12 hour days.
Ironman is ready to go

We took some notes of our trip along the way. 
Mile 5.6 (9:12am): August asks, “are we there yet?”
9:13 we got onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Let's get started
Mile 22 (9:25am): Grace asks, “Mommy, when is it going to be lunch time?”
Mile 31.6 (9:33am): August asks, “How much minutes are we going to get there? Where are we? Which country are we in?”
Mile 125: Alleganey Tunnel

Mile 179.8 (11:44am): Finally get off the Turnpike and onto I-70, where we will be for the next 20 hours. 
Made it to I-70!
At noon we switch and I drive and Jim takes the notes
12:01: Irish almost runs over a lady in the McDonald’s parking lot
Mile 215 (12:45pm): Irish foolishly talks about donating her body to sciene. I get her right-tell her in the long distant future when such decisions need to be made I will spread her ashes in locations all over the world.
Mile 233.9 (1:02pm): August correctly identified the band pefrorming Get Lucky on the radio, “Daft Punk” not ‘Groover’. At the same time we enter the state of West Virginia

difficult to see through all the rain, but this
says "welcome to West Virginia"
Mile 248: In Ohio. Heavy rain while I sleep.

Mile 340 (2:50pm): Irish almost hit 2 cars!

3:02: August corrected himself: “It’s Daft Groover.”

Mile 360 (3:10pm): pass Columbus, Ohio-home of The Ohio State Buckeyes
3:55 (392) Switch drivers

Mile 472 (5:03pm): Enter Indiana, home of my people.

Mile 545 (5:22pm): Exit I-70 for dinner with my extended family!
My Uncle Steve and Grace playing a game 

My Aunt Ruth

Uncle Steve and Grace pondering possible
names for the new Royal baby

Ruby and my cousin, Susan
Ali and my Uncle Jim

The Clevengers! (Dad's side): Susan, Ali and Jim
The Routzahns! (Mom's side): Steve and Ruth

7:30pm: Back on the road
7:45: August falls asleep
7:50: Grace falls asleep

Indianapolis, Indiana
Mile 626.4 (8:53pm OR 7:53pm) Enter Illinois-the place of my birth and the land of Abraham Lincoln. 

Welcome to Illinois

8:04pm: The sun sets

After that, it was too dark to take notes on the drive or take any pictures. We pushed on and made it to some where East of St. Louis. Tomorrow we'll get an early start and hopefully the drive will go as smoothly as it did today and we'll be sleeping at home tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jim and Irish's mini-vacation

Jim and I left the kids with Jim's parents and road tripped it north to Niagara Falls. A nice bonus? Jim's dad lent us his awesome new Volvo. We wanted it because Volvo's are notoriously safe, and we're all about safety.
Goodbye children!
We drove through-from what I can tell-the most American-looking part of America: upstate New York.

spacious skies...

amber green waves of grain corn...

God shedding grace on thee...

We arrived at the falls just in time to see them at sunset and Friday morning we saw them up close on the Maid of the Mist. The Maid of the Mist is a boat that takes you right up to the falls at the bottom. It's a crazy experience. I don't know why but there was no line at all Friday morning. We paid the fee, descended down the winding ramp and walked right onto the boat.

There's the Maid of the Mist-look closely

 Then I enjoyed the most wonderful day at the spa. Falls-schmalls! There's only a tiny window of time where I am childless enough to get a massage. Actually, we'd planned on going to the Friday night fireworks, but then things weren't looking so good...

Does this hotel have a cellar? 
It's night, this is lightning
Just like being on the Maid of the Mist. Or in a hurricane
This morning we went back for one more look at the falls before heading back to Pennsylvania.
panoramic view (American falls on the left, "horseshoe" falls on the right)

Hello! Maid of the Mist!

Really people? There's a sign right next to you

Aaannd, back to PA.

It's weird to think we'll soon be back at home in Korea.