Thursday, April 26, 2018

Skateboarding in Beijing: Burning Ice

Last weekend, August and I went to Beijing to find the skateboard park (directions at the bottom). We went to Burning Ice and it was great. Here's August to tell you all about it:

This is me at the skatepark

We took the bullet train from Tianjin to Beijing. We found the place easily and when we walked in, I was really surprised because the skatepark was bigger than I expected. If you're not that good at skateboarding there are some people there who can help you out, one guy really helped me with ollies. I don't think these people worked there, but everyone there was really nice.

This is me with my helmet and pads on

this is some guy dropping in

The bowl was huge I didn't even try dropping in

This part was my favorite part of the park.

this is me going back to try something out again

This is me bailing on a drop in

There's also a place for people to hang out:

To get there by taxi, show this address to your taxi driver:

This will pull up information in Chinese.
This site will give you directions in English on how to get there by subway.

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  1. Looks like fun, August! Thanks for writing the blog.