Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin, China

This weekend we went with some friends to Harbin, China to see the annual snow ice festival. It was as cold as it was beautiful. The high on Saturday, which was the day we were exploring was 0F (that's -18C for the rest of the world). That was the high temperature. Taking pictures was a challenge and there were a few times I thought my toes were in imminent danger. I wasn't sure I'd make it back with all of them, but I did.

Charolette and me. I really had to get my smize game down this weekend

reindeer in a forest

snow sculpture competition

The caption for this one is that this is a woman who is ready to get married

After a few hours at the snow festival, we returned to the hotel to warm up and eat. In the evening, we went back out to see the ice festival. Jim took most of the pictures because I was too cold to take my hands out of my gloves. These buildings and bridges and slides are all made with ice bricks that are made from water from the river in Harbin.

There were places around where you could warm up and get snacks or hot drinks
waiting in the line for the ice slide
ice slide

Our group, minus Jim who took this picture

It was a very quick trip, but honestly I could not have gone outside another day. I'm a big baby. It was something that we'll never forget and I think I can say with confidence that it was really a once in a lifetime experience.