Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year!  Last year we had a limited guest list due to a lack of space and we had chickens due to lack of knowing where to get a turkey but this year we invited everyone who works at our school and had TWO turkeys.

We are lucky enough to have friends who would not only let us use their oven to cook the second turkey, but they did all the work-they even carved it when they brought it over. And this was their very first Thanksgiving! 

lots of shoes in our very full house

We had a photobooth!

Once again, we had a potluck style Thanksgiving. It's really the best way because everyone can focus on that one thing they're good at, so all the food is excellent. We had all the staples plus kung pao chicken, egg rolls, tomato soup, Danish coconut cake and a variety of other amazing dishes.

Food! (unrelated-putting a sofa in the kitchen is one
of the best decorating decisions I've ever made)

Felicity's tomato soup was the first thing to go!

more food!

Jim's plate

After we ate, everyone just hung out. Kids upstairs, everyone else downstairs. It was really relaxing and fun to watch football and talk, just as Thanksgiving should be.

football games all day.

Each year, Katie in SF sends me a Fall care package (i.e. Thanksgiving themed socks, stickers, thanksgiving napkins, Trader Joe's pumpkin spice coffee, etc.) and this year there were place cards too. We had more guests than place cards so before people came over, I had the kids write something on each card and spread them throughout the house. Here's just a sample of what they're grateful for at this time:

The party was just what we had hoped it would be, we wish Thanksgiving was more than once a year.

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