Monday, October 30, 2017

This is Halloween

It's everyone's not teachers favorite time of year! Halloween is not celebrated in China, but we live in a little international bubble, so we are enthusiastically celebrating it at school and in our neighborhood, the OC. Some organization and planning had to go in to making it happen. Many families participated (over 100 kids) but we didn't want to have the kids cross the busy road in OC so only some houses handed out candy. Everyone participating contributed candy though, so the houses giving it out didn't have to bear the brunt of providing for all the kids. Candy was delivered to me all week by kids and Saturday morning the Halloween crew met up in my classroom and we separated candy to drop off at the 18 houses.

One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me....

Everyone met up at 4:00 and was given a map showing the participating houses. 

Grace was a tough pirate

August was a zombie baseball player

Ruby was a beautiful knight

 It was really fun, the weather was good and the kids got a lot of good candy. Overall, it was a huge success. Now let the holiday season begin!

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