Monday, May 8, 2017

Laura visits!

Our good friend, Laura, came to visit us last week! Laura had a week long break from school and flew direct from Seoul to Tianjin (it was easy). We had a day off on Monday, so I picked her up from the airport and then we hung around the OC. We took her to the market and then for some beef noodles.

On Tuesday, she came to school with me! What a treat! Here she is showing kids how to break a glass with your voice (it didn't exactly work this time):
She popped in to Jim's class to sing some Justin Bieber on the ukulele:
Here she is singing with my students

Tuesday night the two of us took the fast train to Beijing and went to the Forbidden City and shopping on Wednesday.

Shopping at the dirt market:
At Panjaiyuan
We headed back to Tianjin Wednesday night, and just missed a giant sand storm that blew into Beijing Thursday morning. But then, that same sandstorm arrived in Tianjin by midday Thursday. The dust was off the charts:

Friday after school, we took another fast train to Qinhongdao near where the Great Wall of China begins! 

outside the Tianjin train station

We visited a very interesting part of the Great Wall-this part goes in to the sea!

Overall, having Laura visit was a 10/10. I can't recommend having her visit you enough. Next time you have some time, invite Laura over. It is SO much fun!

Also, The Farleys aren't the only ones who love Laura. Turns out, all of China loves her too, everyone wanted their picture taken with Laura: 

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