Monday, November 21, 2016

Da Hutong

Who needs Beijing? Saturday the kids and I went to Da Hutong in Tianjin. Da Hutong translates to "big neighborhood" but everyone knows exactly what you mean when you say it. When I said it to the taxi driver he said, "Da Hotung? Mai dongxi?" and I understood him! Yes! I am going to Da Hutong to buy things!

We went primarily because we heard we could get Christmas decorations there. From what I can tell, you can get anything there. Fortunately for us, the taxi driver happened to drop us off right in front of the Christmas section.

The Xmas entrance!

We were delighted to see the Christmas decorations, but didn't go crazy-but it's good to know that the option to go crazy is there, in case we decide we need an 9 foot tall singing and dancing santa.

We wandered around for a couple of more hours. Honestly, I think it would take weeks to see the whole thing. Here are some pictures of just a fraction of Da Hutong:

thread and fabric:

Tons and tons of food stalls set up outside.

a cart of dried fruits

 heated juices
We went into a few buildings. There are signs on the outside labeling what you'll find inside:

Back outside. Here are some pictures, just to illustrate my point about how huge this place is.

I agree, my children are so beautiful you
should want to take your picture with them.

Da Hutong is fascinating, and you can get anything, but it takes some work and a lot of time. We'll definitely go back the next time any of us needs shoes, or coats, or a swimdress, or a cedar bathtub, or wedding supplies, or fuzzy toilet seat covers, and so on.

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  1. I love that place, too, even though I haven't even seen half of it, :-).

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