Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tianjin Fabric Market: Taobao

UPDATE! (Sept. 27, 2016). I found the better fabric market in Tianjin. Go here for details!

This weekend Grace and I checked out a fabric market in Tianjin. Tianjin is essentially a huge small town, so what we're finding is that it has almost everything-almost. There are a couple of fabric markets here and I checked out this one (scroll down for the address). I was looking for quilting cotton and it had very little selection of that. This market had plenty of other fabrics. And I'm pretty sure you can pick out your fabric and have them make you anything you want-but that's for a different day. This time I was there just to find fabric for ME to sew with. So there will likely be a follow-up about getting clothes made later.

Here are the basics:
One stall with a lot of canvas weight (Cat Kidston!) fabric:

Lots of stalls with jersey:

Lots of stalls with razzle dazzle: 

Lots and lots of suit material:

So much of just a mish-mash:

Overall, it was good to see and know that it's there, but it was underwhelming. HOWEVER, this led me to check out what's available on taobao. You can get anything on taobao. I don't think there's really an equivalent website in the US....Amazon, maybe? So, if you're in Tianjin and looking for quilting fabric and can't make it up to Beijing (where I'm just presuming there are better fabric markets), check out this site, and this site on taobao.

UPDATE: I'm just going to keep a list of the sewing stores I find on taobao here:
art gallery fabrics
this one
forest fabrics
more fat quarter bundles
(helpful search words "riley blake" and "artgallery" "moda")
this one has a lot.
variety of Japanese fabrics
If you still want to check out the fabric market, here's address:
河西区广东路123号布料市场(人民公园附近)。He xi qu guang dong lu 123 hao bu liao shi chang

This is what one of the doors looks like (I don't know if this guy is here all the time though):

This isn't over!

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