Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It was a full weekend

We have nearly fully assimilated to Chinese culture-we bought an electric bicycle. I was terrified to ride it at first but after a trip to the grocery, H&M and the salon (!)
we all agree that the electric bike ($250) makes the list of Farley's Best Purchases of 2016 top 5. 

In other news, thanks to my TA Melody, I found the better fabric market in Tianjin! Hooray. Here are some directions, the address and pictures just in case you're going to come to Tianjin and go to the fabric market without me.

Here's the address in Chinese:

there it is-on the right side of the street!
The building is to the East of the eye. Enter through this gate (pictured below) and it's in the building to your right. Quilting fabrics are on the 4th floor. 

This place requires some digging. You won't find an adorable bundle of 5+ coordinating fat quarters all tied up in a stack. Several shops have the same fabrics, but each has a little variety, but that makes it fun. 

You can also get sequins and boas (but go down a few floors). I'm sure there are notions in there somewhere-but we couldn't spend all day there. Well, I could have, but we had to eat.

Jess didn't even have a horse in the race-she doesn't even sew-and she went with me and patiently watched me dig and hem and haw and translated for me.

While Jess and I hunted for fabric, Jim and August visited a Buddhist temple and then to the Tianjin Eye-both next to the fabric market! Since I've been on a field trip with the 3rd grade, I can tell you that the temple they visited is the oldest Buddhist Temple in Tianjin and that the Tianjin Eye is the only ferris wheel built on top of a bridge.

I'll leave you with this short clip of Jess's baby hailing a taxi:

Adorable and useful.

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