Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Settling In

We've been here a couple weeks now and some things are easier (no more waiting for the elevator) and some things are still a bit harder (no one wants my credit card-everyone wants cash), but let me tell you this: we've been able to get McDonalds and Ikea delivery all by ourselves.

Let me show you around a bit. I'm going to post pictures of things I think you're most interested in right away: the school, the neighborhood we live in and our home.

First off, the reason we're here- the International School of Tianjin. The facilities are lovely and after 1 day of teaching here, I can tell you that the students are also lovely. The staff has been really friendly too. Hooray!

If you don't want to play outside, you can play inside:

My classroom:
 Jim's classroom:

 Chinese class:

We're living in a neighborhood called Crystal City. It's as fancy as it sounds.

This is our neighbor's apartment. There's a talking bird in that cage.
This bird knows far more Chinese than I do.

Korean exercise machines! (or were they Chinese exercise machines in Korea?)
Our neighborhood has a barber. (photo credit: August Farley)
Friday we walked around and got dinner out. On our way back we passed a talent competition: 

A few blocks further, we came across this trio playing music:

I love our apartment. We've been to Ikea a couple of times, unpacked our shipment, had plants delivered and all of a sudden it's home.
The 1st floor is ours
Our upstairs neighbors
The living room (that tv gets Lifetime and Nickelodeon!)

Look closely, there's the dining room back there

Grace and Ruby's room:

August's room:

Our room: 

And, of course, the grown-up room! 

The first day of school! Grace and Ruby are going into 4th grade and August is going into 1st!

Note the inconsistent size and quality of all the pictures. Boy, getting this thing up on the blog took quite a bit of time.
So much of this. So, so much.

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