Sunday, August 14, 2016

Downtown Tianjin: We finally left our neighborhood

Now that we're more settled and don't need to go to Ikea during all of our free time, we decided to check out downtown. We went to two places: Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street (or as you may know it, Guwenhua Jie) and Nanshi food street. It's about a 30 minute drive from our neighborhood.
I don't know what's going on here. They were looking at these fruits and then measuring and examining the pits. The tattooed Buddhist taxi driver I had yesterday had several of these. What does it mean?!

We got some masks for the kids. The woman would NOT negotiate on price. I don't know if I should have dramitacally walked away or what, but I just gave her what she asked. Probably a rookie mistake. We went across the street from the market to the river. The city is really pretty-and even prettier at night, but we had to leave right after dinner because August's flip flop broke (this happens to us a lot) so we have a reason to go back soon.

Anyway, the river. I love living in a city with water. The river and surrounding buildings and bridges are beautiful.

We walked over to "food street". It's not really a street, it's inside this building. Two floors of restaurants and food stalls.

in here!
There were some recognizable candy and some not (NOT CHOCOLATE)

This food (below), jianbing, is so delicious that Jim and I have been eating it every Saturday and Sunday for breakfast. It's the Chinese crepe. According to the internet, soon everyone in America will be eating this every Saturday and Sunday for breakfast too. Brace yourself for an increased quality of life, America.

Sesame snacks:

Bricks of brown sugar
Candied nuts
We stopped at one stall to try dessert things we'd been seeing all day. The woman makes it by taking some dough from a bowl and putting it in a cup. Then stacks the cup and steams the dough. Then she pops them out and you can put a jam on top. 

Guess who speaks Chinese? Jim will tell you he doesn't but he carried on for a while with these women, answering all of their questions.

While we waited for our little cakes, we figured out what all the jams were. They were all pretty obvious except for one. It looked like chocolate. The woman gave us a sample. After I tasted it I made all the kids try it (it tasted kind of like sweetarts candy):

We were stopped at this place for a while. Like Seoul, there are not too many foreigners in Tianjin. Unlike Seoul, we were the ONLY foreigners. All day people gaped at us. Over and over children would point and yell "Měiguórén!" which means "American!" As we waited, a small crowd stopped to look at us and stare at the 3 -THREE- children. Then people wanted to take MY picture. My point is, come visit us in China and you'll get the celebrity treatment from the people of Tianjin. 

We finally got our cakes-they were delicious-we got all the jams except for the sourNOTchocolate one and were on our way. Before we started at food street I told the kids that we were going to buy some things that might be unusual but if they tried everything we bought, we could get ice cream at McDonalds before we went home. Because of course, food street has McDonalds....

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