Saturday, July 30, 2016

Chapter 2: China

Hey everyone! We made it to CHINA! After laying low in the US all summer (sorry we didn't see you) we caught an early flight to Dallas then got our connection to Beijing. Easy! My teaching assistant was at the airport with a van and driver and got us to our new home in Tianjin.

Our new home
So there's a lot of ground to cover with the new city and home and school and I will get things up to speed soon enough, but in short-things are great here. Our apartment is a little bigger than our place in Korea and is on the first floor, which I love. We have a big patio and the apartment complex has a little lake, a playground and a fitness center with a pool (think YMCA not Denver Athletic Club). I'll post pictures of the apartment once we get our shipment unpacked.

We've had new teacher orientation all week. The school is great.

Jim's classroom
Of course I know you're wondering about the air. First, it's humid in the way that Seoul is humid. Remember how in Seoul I refused to go outside from July to September 15? Well, same here. So hot, so humid. AQI has been under 150 the whole time we've been here. It's been hazy, but I think it's just so humid you can actually see the air.  And since I won't be going back outside until Sept. 15, AQI doesn't even matter.

We'll post more pictures in the upcoming weeks, as we like to do. But I'll leave you with this-I may never leave. We've found Luo Ayi. On her first day here, when we arrived home from work, she was making us dumplings from scratch! As in she made the dough. Dreams do come true.
I love you.

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