Sunday, May 8, 2016

Where to get your ears pierced in Bundang

I have had my ears pierced so many times. They keep closing up. Fact: I got them re-pierced last summer and after the 6 weeks of keeping the earrings in, I took them out for a week and my lobes healed right up. I was thinking I'd wait again until this summer until I realised people in Seoul have pierced ears too. I talked to my Korean sister, Sue, who knew just where to go. We went to Gray in Seohyeon.

Grace also got her ears pierced! She's super excited. It's kind of a long story about why only one twin got her ears pierced and it's not because we love Grace more. This month is swimming month in PE (we're that fancy now) and we heard that you really shouldn't swim for at least a few weeks after getting your ears pierced. Now you may be wondering why only Ruby is swimming this month and it's not because we love Ruby more. Grace won't be swimming this month because she had minor eye surgery this weekend (more about that later, maybe-not sure if it's going on the blog or not). If you ask Grace about her weekend, she probably won't mention the fact that she had surgery-she'll tell you about her new earrings.

This is the guy:

 So many to choose from. I chose to have each ear pierced three times all at once-that was a really painful decision.

 I talked with the guy about how itchy my ears are and he let me choose which ever earrings I wanted and switched out the posts to titanium to reduce the itchiness.
Here it goes-it gets more and more painful the higher up you go....

 ooooh so great!

Grace's turn! She was still like a statue.

Here's some info on the place: Gray, they use hollow needles, which is the way to go. To get here, go to Seohyeon station, walk out exit 5 and walk to the end of the walking mall, it will be on your left.

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