Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lantern Festival

Someone has a birthday coming up! I'm looking at you, Buddha! Seoul in springtime is amazing. The city is blanketed in flowers-not just cherry blossoms-but all types of flowers everywhere. Unlike Denver, once it warms up at the end of March, it stays pretty warm from then on and it stays just lovely until about mid July. In addition to the natural delightfulness, the whole city puts up lanterns in May in honor of Buddha's birthday.

There's also a lantern festival and parade. We've lived here for 4 years. Each year we hear about how beautiful it is, we see pictures yet we never go, not for any particular reason. We've heard it's very crowded, but in Seoul, everything is crowded. Anyway, we finally made it! We finally went. Finally! We headed in to Seoul with the Cabalunas. The weather was perfect. 

 We took the bus to Insadong got lunch at our favorite soup place and then visited the Jogyesa Temple.

After visiting the temple, we got coffee and stumbled into an international food festival (I got empanadas at the Ecuador tent! The kids got Wopper Jr's at Burger King :/). We hung out until the parade started.
Amy at the river

Fabaluna children

Here are pictures of the lantern parade. Full disclosure: Travis Peterson took these pictures BUT we were standing right next to him so it's almost like I took them. You guys, he takes really good pictures, as you can see.

It really was a really great day. You should go. It will be crowded, but just like anywhere else in Seoul. You're used to the crowds by now and if you're not, then consider it a novelty of having a shared experience with millions of other people.

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