Friday, January 1, 2016

Winter Break 2015: Chiang Mai, Thailand

We left the beach and flew up to the north to Chiang Mai. I wasn't sure at first what the allure was to Chiang Mai (why would anyone go to a place in Thailand that didn't have a beach?), but we had heard that it was really spectacular for New Year's Eve, so here we are.

Since there is no beach, we needed to book things to keep the kids busy. First stop: cooking class. We scheduled a class and spent the day cooking and eating. I really liked the class-and they were so good with the kids. First they took us to the market and then we made and ate like 8 things throughout the day-making a few things, then eating, then making more things, then eating. The food was great and now the kids are starting to like Thai food (finally).

We also signed up to visit an elephant sanctuary. It was really cool to spend so much time up close with elephants. The video below says it all.

And, what we had been waiting for, New Year's Eve. Our hotel had a dinner and then we met up with friends in the square to set off lanterns. This was our first time sending off our own lantern! In the past, we were just spectators. But, hey, we have a recent track record of throwing caution into the wind, so we lit a lantern (and it didn't skitter down the street or set anything on fire)!

Here's the video summary of our time in Chiang Mai. Enjoy.

Chiang Mai 2015 from Farley on Vimeo.

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