Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving was similar to those that we've had here before in that it was a week of eating. Hooray! We started with a staff Thanksgiving meal after school on Monday. We sat with the Cabalunas and Snordichs (neither will be here next year, which makes me super sad, but I guess there's always the possibility they'll fly to back Korea next year just to celebrate American thanksgiving) too bad Jeff wore the ugliest shirt he owns.

Then on Thursday, we had a half day and, at our campus, the PTO (I'm president this year!) gets a Thanksgiving meal catered from the American Army base for the whole school. It's awesome. I got lots of pictures of my students, and it's not my business to put their pictures on the internet, but the next time I see you, I'll show you all of them. I brought Grace and Ruby, who don't go to school at my campus, with me because Jim had SeoMUN (he'll tell you about that later) and it was just easier and because Thanksgiving!

Then on Thursday evening, I had all the teachers come over for a potluck Thanksgiving. Each year I am so completely impressed by how good the food is. We started the evening by taking cheesecake to all of our immediate neighbors (upstairs, downstairs and next door) because of our loud "American Cheusok" party. Sue wrote me a note in Korean to show to the neighbors when I gave them the piece of cheesecake. It worked! No one called security on us!

Justin smoked a turkey all day and then carved it.

The following are just random pictures from the night:

This is how much they love each other*:

*for those of you who are not American here is a documentary about the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry:

Enjoy this with some leftovers.

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