Sunday, October 4, 2015

Katie and Adam return to Korea

Remember how Adam got a job with airbnb and now they live in San Francisco? Well, airbnb recently had a competition for 5 lucky fans to get to hang out in Seoul with G Dragon. The winners were from all over Asia and got to do stuff with GD for a few hours and it was filmed and will be shown somewhere at sometime. But do you know who the real winner was? ME, because I got to hang out with Katie again!

The whole thing was filmed and will be shown somewhere in the future. Adam supervised the shoot and Katie was working as a production assistant. Here's proof:
I, however, didn't get to actually see them until Thursday.

Katie and Adam and the rest of us just hung out. Seriously, we just hung out all weekend and it was my favourite weekend. We went to Gangnam....

virtual reality box. It's AMAZING!

And then just hung around Bundang.

We checked out Ice Girl Cream Boy. We went for the name, but stayed for the very weird flavors. Tomato, anyone?

Hopefully airbnb will do the exact same contest next month!
One more thing, Adam's movie, Finder's Keepers is out on itunes and in select theatres. Check it out!

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