Sunday, August 30, 2015

Starting our 4th year in Korea

So, we're a few weeks in to the new school year, and here we are with nothing really to write about. We're just so settled. After three years nothing feels interesting enough to blog about. Where's the adventure?! I'm sure the adventures will come. We've just been back to a normal, regular, usual, typical, back-to-school life. Coming up, we have travel planned: Malaysia and Thailand (but parts we've never seen before), a visit from the Hobbs', and who knows what else. But for now, here's some pictures to fill in the blanks between the last blog post and now.

Here are a few pictures from our last week in America. It was filled with lots of time with family and friends (and wrestling matches).

with favorite cousin, Ben!
We arrived back just 2 days before we had to go to work. Here's what jetlag looks like when you're waiting for an elevator:

Then, just like that, the girls are going in to 3rd grade and August is in Kindergarten.

Here's another picture of August:

And typical for this time of year, it has been unbearably hot and humid here. So hot, in fact, they turned on the fountain. This is the first time we've seen it on in 3 years.

And I'll just leave this random picture of Ruby doing August's hair here.

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