Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer School 2015

This year our school offered a 4 week summer program. About 100 kids and a group of teachers signed up for it. Because the Farleys are brilliant, Jim and I decided job share! Some times Jim would work in the morning and I would work in the afternoon or vice-versa and some times we would work a full day one day and take a day off while the other one worked. But the kids went for full days! This meant that Jim and I had time to see movies, meet friends for lunch, recover from arm surgery or workout. We also took naps, lots of naps. It was brilliant.
For the kids, the summer program involved a lot of swimming, hiking, biking and learning about science. Here's a video of what it was like for the kids in quick 2 second clips (Jim and I worked with 3rd-5th grade, so there's not a lot of August in the video, but he had a great time):

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