Tuesday, July 28, 2015

San Francisco: I

Did you know that Katie and Adam moved to San Francisco? Well they did and Jim and I went to check it out.

Katie and Adam picked us up at the airport-despite having their car towed earlier that day (that Fiat 500 fits a surprising amount of people and luggage and is a steal at $8 per hour; more about getaround later).

The next day we walked around the city, saw some things and then got tacos for lunch! San Francisco is really dog friendly. You may think your city is dog friendly (I'm looking at you, Denver) but San Francisco is more dog friendly. Dogs are allowed into all stores-everywhere, really-but not in places with food. So Katie's dog, Moses, had to wait outside while we ate (see below):

We enjoyed dinner that night at the Slanted Door. Vietnamese food is awesome. Vietnamese coffee is even awesomer.

So that was our first day, lots of hanging out and eating. I'll leave you with some General San Fran Awesomeness:
This is what 55 degrees in July looks like

This was just day one. Read on, friends, read on!

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