Monday, June 15, 2015

There she goes: Can a work wife relationship continue via long distance?

My work wife, Katie, has moved to San Francisco. This just happened yesterday. I'm very sad, but Jim keeps assuring me that the world is small. Jim even suggested that I just call Katie on Skype every morning when I get to work and just have her there with me all day. I think it's a great idea.
Let me tell you a couple things about Katie.
-Katie was an extra in the Hunger Games movie.
-She has made me laugh every day since arriving in Korea. 
-During one lesson, the word "hang" was used in a book that I was reading with ESL students. Katie was in the room, so naturally I asked her to demonstrate hang (I couldn't because the ledge around the door was so teeny). Katie got up there and hung by her finger tips and then did 3 pull ups by her finger tips. True. Story.

You can tell she's an excellent actress because in
real life she would never do anything to hurt Katness Everdeen

International teaching is very transient, so the school has the goodbye traditions down. Each year one staff member writes something nice about the departing staff member and reads it, weeping, in a little ceremony and everyone cries. I knew this was my task. I knew this from the day I signed a contract for next year and Katie did not. Everyone knows that I love Katie, though, so there was no reason to cry and gush in front of the staff. Instead I wrote her a song and made a music video and played that at the little ceremony. Here it is.  

Friday we went out with her husband, Adam, and our friend, Laura. Long ago, Katie introduced me to Kpop and we both love G Dragon. All of Korea loves G Dragon. They even gave him his own exhibit at the Seoul National Museum of Modern Art. For our last Friday night together in Seoul, we went to check it out. 

It was a beautiful night and before going to the museum, we messed around in front of City Hall.

 Here are some pictures from museum:
sponsored by airbnb?
 There were several rooms with different themes. Each room was designed by G Dragon (as in, he chose the art, he didn't actually make the art).

 This says "HIPHOP"
Look closer...
 Look closer...

In one room, you can use G Dragons "favorite smart pen" to write him a secret note. It turned out to be the opposite of secret though, because when you wrote the note it was transmitted to a google doc immediately and projected on a screen via G Dragon's favorite smart pen and then you put your note up for GD to read.
 Now everyone knows what Katie truly thinks about GD:

We got dinner after and then McDonald's birthday cones (delicious!)

 Sunday all the Farleys took Adam and Katie and their things to CoEx Mall (long story short, you can check in for some flights at CoEx).

It was not easy.

 There she goes.
America is so lucky.

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