Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Grace and Ruby's First Holy Communion

In May, the girls had their first Holy Communion. This is the biggest thing that they have worked over an extended period of time for, attending CCD classes every Sunday for the entire school year and studying at home. We are very, very proud of them and the pictures speak for themselves.
Here they are getting ready:

All the parents signed up to help with something. We didn't sign up in time, so we were assigned balloons (including finding helium). 
After blowing up the balloons, we had our pictures taken. The church hired a photographer so we wouldn't need to take pictures during mass. Below are the pictures they took of the girls. They turned out great!

The mass

Here it is!

Look at all the people who showed up to celebrate with us!

Side note: each Sunday while the girls were in CCD class, Jim, August and I would have coffee with Yoon and her daughter, Ella. Ella and August are the same age and became good friends during the year.

Yoon and I are the same age and became friends during the year.

We are so proud of our girls!

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