Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Break 2015: Hong Kong

Our trip to Hong Kong started with some bad attitudes. Our kids are too used to international travel, it's not even exciting to them anymore. And Augustine can really bug his sisters. We did our best to troll them buy specifically taking pictures of their bad attitude faces.

We arrived in Hong Kong Monday afternoon and got to the apartment we rented through airbnb. It was teeny-tiny, but had 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and was right in the middle of Hong Kong.

Our first night we got together with friends from KIS who now live in Hong Kong. They took us for authentic Chinese food. We ordered a whole chicken and it came out, cooked and chopped up, head and all. Jim joked that he would give $5 to anyone who ate the head and poor August took that to heart. 

Tuesday we got on a ferry and visited Cheung Cheu Island. The ferry ride was nice, we paid $1 more for the "Luxury" seats and it was worth it because we got to sit out on the deck and get sunburns.

We wandered around the island for a bit and then took the fast ferry back and when we docked in Hong Kong, we went to Victoria Peak. There is a cable car that takes you-at a crazy incline- up to the top where you can see all of the city.

Wednesday we visited Hong Kong Disneyland! I did not think we would ever take our children to Disneyland twice in one year, but here we are. Everyone told us it was small, everyone was correct. Now I will tell you: it is small. It turns out that there's nothing wrong with that because aparently if you visit during the week, it's practically empty. We were able to just walk right on to rides. The girls and Jim rode Space Mountain 7 times. 7! SEVEN!

Thursday we divided up because I wanted to shop. Jim took August to Big Buddha. They took a cable car. Jim texted me while waiting in the very long line. He said it took almost an hour, so by the time it was his turn to purchase the tickets he wanted the better of the two. The "better" of the two was the car with the glass bottom. Ha. This is not better for Jim.

I took the girls to the Cat Street Market, which has antiques mixed in with junk (I mean, really, does a digital camera belong next to this stuff?).

That night we had dinner with our friends the Brayko's who moved to Hong Kong over the summer. It was so great to catch up.

Overall, Spring Break was excellent. The kids were great, Hong Kong was great. See for yourself, here's a video compilation of the trip:

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