Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

It's that time of year again-another round of egg roulette. First, a review of the rules. Each pair faces off with one dozen eggs. The dozen consist of 8 hard boiled eggs and 4 raw eggs. Then you and your opponent take turns smashing eggs on your head. The first person to smash two eggs on their head is the loser. (spoiler alert: I'm the champion this year!)

Here is Grace vs. Ruby and me vs. August

Saturday we had the Easter party at school. Eggs were searched for and potluck food was eaten. The forecast said it was going to rain, so the eggs were hidden in the school (too bad it was actually a beautiful, sunny day-no one seemed to mind that we were indoors). Older kids in the library and younger kids in a classroom. Again this year each child had a specific egg type to look for (i.e. grace was looking for green eggs with a bumblebee sticker).

On Easter morning the kids found baskets full of actual Easter candy. The kids ate a LOT while Jim and I enjoyed the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle together (I held my own!)

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