Thursday, February 12, 2015

Business in Bangkok

Katie and I went to a conference in Bangkok! Let me tell you all about our weekend. We flew in Friday night. It was a long flight, but these guys didn't ask me for food or tell me they were bored once-in fact, they didn't even speak English. The selfie needs no language though:

flying without dependents is easy
We stayed at Katie's friend Kris' apartment. Kris works at the international school that hosted the conference, so we were very close to the school. Kris is definitely the hostess with the mostess. We had our own room and bathroom and she left us all these little treats and a guide book.

Not all the treats are pictured as we ate
some before I took pictures

the view from Kris' apartment

The conference started with kids playing
 traditional Thai instruments.
Look at us learning! 

Katie presented and it was awesome

After the presentations, I skyped with the kids and then Kris, Katie and I had a nice long dinner at a rooftop restaurant.

The weather was perfect. I ate mango sticky rice every day that we were there-sometimes twice a day. It's the best.

Sunday started with Katie accidentially buying a soft boiled egg. Very soft. Nearly raw. A guy on a skateboard came by and said "eat it! You're in Bangkok!"

The conference got out earlier on Sunday and we immediately left to catch the end of the Chatachuk weekend market. We went with Karen and Ron, teachers from Copenhagen (which is in Denmark).

Then we got a massage and ate our weight in Thai food.

more mango sticky rice!

Monday was our day to explore the city. 

We decided to take a boat tour. We negotiated our tickets from $80 per ticket to $20, we probably could have gotten them for less, but we're still new at this. We signed up for the hour tour, but we were "upgraded" to the 90 minute tour because it was the dock guy's "birthday". We're pretty sure they just wanted to put us on the same boat as other people who had paid for the 90 minute tour (I'm dying to know what they paid per ticket). 

The tour was interesting. There's so much to see. The river is totally polluted and had a lot of trash in it, but it was a neat way to see the city.

As an extra surprise on our boat tour, we got to go through a lock. We weren't totally sure what was going on, but suspected it was a lock. We recorded the entire time waiting for it. This is one of the most boring videos you'll ever watch. That's the genius behind it. You will watch it waiting for something to happen. It never does:

We got off near the palace, but didn't go in. Our shoulders weren't covered and we didn't really feel like paying just to see the inside, so we walked around the neighborhood.


That evening we met up with Kris at her gym. We took a boxing class on the rooftop. Look at the view!

For our last meal, we sat outside, ate Thai food, Katie drank from a coconut and had more mango sticky rice.

Not everyone loves Bangkok, but I do. Bangkok is all encompassing. The mix of hearing tropical birds and roosters but also trucks and motorbikes. The air warm and breezy (winter only). The layers of tropical plants, tin shacks and skyscrapers everywhere. And the smells-as you walk along the streets, you go from incense to trash to woodsmoke to food to spices so strong you sneeze. 

See you again, BKK.

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