Friday, January 2, 2015

Our set up in Hua Hin

This year, we decided to try a new beach in Thailand: Hua Hin. Last year we traveled further south to an island, but Hua Hin is much closer to Bangkok and therefore much easier to get to and, according to the internet, this is where the locals vacation. Hua Hin is 3 hours south by van. And what a fancy van!

enough room to prevent fighting
mirrored ceilings!
mirrored ceilings that light up!
We found the place where we're staying on airbnb. It's really nice and the more we got to know where we were staying, the nicer it got. Since we booked through airbnb, we're not at a hotel, but rather a condo. This condo is attached to a resort though, so we get to do all the resorty things. 

Bedroom 1

living, dining, kitchen
bedroom 2
We have a pool at the condo that is practically all ours at all times. 

Next to that is the less empty hotel pool, but it has towels and food!

And lounge chairs.

From the hotel, it's a very short walk on a paved path to the beach (and another restaurant). The beach at this place was ok. This beach is only really swimmable at low tide. At high tide the water comes right up to a wall. Somehow it seemed to be high tide at all times except around midnight (which was nice on New Year's Eve).

I told the kids to pose like they were fancy
Then we discovered the "Kids Club". This is next to the fitness center. There are activities for kids three times per day (decorating picture frames, painting t-shirts, etc.) and most for a small fee. By Sunday I was ready to pay almost any amount and went to drop them off only to find out that if they just play in the kids club it's free. As a pleasant upside, they love going there.

Today they did the face painting and, despite the look on Ruby's face, they loved it.

August is Spiderman
Don't worry though, we're not turning our kids into elitist snobs, we're using the busses and riding in tuk-tuks all over Hua Hin:

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