Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hua Hin beach

While in Hua Hin, nearly all of our activities were focused around swimming or eating. One day, we visited Black Mountain, a small water park that is lots of fun and seems pretty loose with the rules. Although on a couple of the rides, you had to wear a helmut, but there was no checking them, no matter how ill-fitting. We had so much fun but we only got this one picture of the entire day:

I had the kids review it for you too: 

"Amazingly fun because there were so many slides. It was really nice that every ten minutes the waves would go in the wave pool. It's nice that there's like a place where it looks exactly like Water World."-Grace

"I think it was so fun that I want to go back on the red slide" -August

"Good." -Ruby

The rest of the week we went to the beach. The water was shallow for a long way off of shore and a nice temperature. 
Grace and Ruby help each other with sunblock
Jim and Grace

This is a total tourist trap, but there are horses walking up and down the beach and the kids used their Christmas money (thanks Maureen!) to ride. At $5 for a 15 minute ride was a pretty good deal.

Ruby and the Hipster Cowboy
The beach at Hua Hin has vendors walking up and down, this woman was selling corn on the cobb. She had a coal burning stove in one basket, and would cook the corn right there. 
I know that recently Seoul was recognised as having one of the best public transportation systems, but I think, for our purposes, the one in Hua Hin was better. These green pick up trucks would travel up and down the main road. It should be noted that our hotel was on the main road as well as a shopping center, a movie theatre, a grocery and most of the way to the sandy beach. 

To use this truck, when you see it coming you give the driver a wave, he or she pulls over and you get on the back. Sometimes you have to stand, sometimes you get a seat. When you reach your destination, you ring the bell and they pull over. It costs 10baht (about 30 cents). So for us, it was door to door service for a little over $1.

Now that we're back in Bangkok, though, the taxi is the way to go. The girls and I went to the Chatachuk weekend market today and took a taxi the 20 minutes to get there and it cost us $3.

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