Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cicada Market Hua Hin

We were so excited to learn that the best weekend market in Hua Hin was only a block from where we were staying. The Cicada Market is a artisan market. It's wonderful. Lots of artwork and crafts. It's impossible to describe, because one of the best parts about the market is the food. Crafts, art, food? What more is there? A live musical with cross-dressers? It had that too.

The food was set up in stalls in the middle of the market with tables all around. There was plenty of Thai food-noodles, seafood, roasted vegetables, but also Korean food, and Italian food and lots of dessert.
fish roasting over coals
August and Grace waiting for spaghetti and corn on the cobb
choco-banans for dessert

Among things for sale were shirts, purses, jewellery*, toys, soaps.
There are artists there selling their work and some of them are painting on the spot. 

Speaking of painting on the spot:

Here's Jim's face getting painted on a shirt from beginning to end. As you'll see it starts out in a way that made me think this was a terrible idea, but in the end, well-the shirt has been draped over a chair and startling me when I walk by it.

Looks so good on me!

*recently my computer has been autocorrecting my spelling to a British way of spelling.

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