Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thailand: The Snake Farm

It's Christmas Eve and sunny and warm in Bangkok! We started our morning with some fresh squeezed orange juice.
 Jim got a veggie omelet cooked over a gas stove at a food stand on the street.

We finished up our last minute Christmas shopping and took the subway to the Snake Farm!
Our kids are tall
This is just a cute picture of August and Grace
The Snake Farm is a part of the Queen Saovbah Memorial Institute which is an institute that specailzes in the husbandry of venemous snakes and the extraction of and reasearch of snake venom. It's associated with the Red Cross and the World Health Organization and has been around since 1929. 
Ruby was excited because just last week she presented a report about Clara Barton, the founder of the Red Cross.

 There are a variety of super scary snakes kept in glass and caged enclosures.

 We got there with enough time to look around and get front row seats for the snake show. The snake show was very interesting, with tons of facts (so many that I can't actually remember which snakes to run from and which to stand still around but enough to remember that king cobras live in Bangkok and pit vipers live under your bed or something like that). It was interesting and entertaining and it was included in the $3 entry fee.
The king cobra (and the preseter behind him. The prestner gave the entire
presentaion in both English and Thai)

And how to capture a King Cobra, if you're into that sort of thing:

the Pit Viper
This is a video of a scary snake, but I don't remember its name:

For the grand finale, of course they bring out the Python snake.  At the end everyone is allowed to line up and get their picture taken with it.
Grace is keeping an eye on the snake
When we left, we spent quite some time getting across streets in the crazy traffic.
 We walked 2 blocks to Lumpini Park so the kids could run around a bit.

I think Santa is on his way to Bangkok right now...

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