Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas parties 2014

Another year, another awesome Seoul Campus christmas party! This year we had our white elephant gift exchange, like last year and an added ugly sweater element. As I walked further in to the party, the sweaters kept getting uglier and uglier. 

Tara, Kristina, Greg and Jamie
Laura, Megan, Mark, Katie

THE Adam Hobbs
Russell, Adam, Jeff, Justin and Josh
Miller and Laura, modeling
Mark definitely had the ugliest sweater
Billy, Melynda, Kristina, Katie
Justin, me, Billy, Kristina
Alice and Soo
 The white elephant exchange was amazing. There were still two pictures of our former boss handed out...I found one of them on my desk at work this week. Thanks? Jim almost had these amazing pajamas, but they were stollen away from him by Kristina who is returning to Canada next year.

So close to getting to keep these pjs...

 Meredith likes to play this game where you make crazy faces without stopping and just click the camera and see how the pictures turn out. The idea is to make really ugly faces. I practiced photo bombing and I think I got pretty good at it.

The next party was hosted by us. Jim had the high school social studies department over.
What's purple and 5000 miles long?
The grape Wall of China!
Then we had the whole school party. There was a theme this year: Diamonds and Denim. I would have preferred just a Christmas or holiday theme, but whatever.  It gave Jim and excuse to wear a faux diamond necklace. And I wore my sweet new faux fur coat (thanks mom!!!).
Dang! We look fierce!
Then there was the party for the staff children. There are so many staff kids at this school!

August with Santa
Ruby, Santa and Grace

Merry Christmas everyone-see you in 2015!

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