Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014 & the Rod Fai Market in Bangkok

Santa came to visit us at our hotel in Bangkok. He left a beach toy for each kid and a note saying that the rest of our gifts are at home in Korea. 

 This was all of our first Christmas in a hotel, but we still had fun. We ate crossiants and orange juice and skyped with family.

Look what I got from Santa!

After taking the kids swimming at the freezing cold hotel pool, we made our way to the Rod Fai night Market. This market is located at an old train station and has rave reviews on trip advisor. Unlike the Chatachuk market, this market seems to specialise in antiques.
We took the sky train to On Nut station and from there took a taxi to what felt like the middle of nowhere. We emerged out of a neigborhood full of quiet side streets to a main street with a huge shopping center. The market was just to the right of that. (Side note, on the way back to the hotel we took a taxi the whole way and not only did it cost less than taking the train but it took half the time).
First we found the food. There was a variety of food, Jim and I each got a gyro and we found brownies!!! Despite turning our children into world travelers, their palates continue to be decidedly narrow, they were so happy that we found a pizza place.
While we were waiting for our food, Santas came by and gave all the kids in the restaurant teddy bears.

After finishing the pizza, we went out to see what we could see. The market has antique shops set up toward the back and regular market things in the middle (i.e. t shirts, hats, socks, one stall had just overalls, etc.).
The antique stores were so great. Unfortunately because of the nature of antiques, I couldn't afford to get anything and even if I could, getting it back to Korea would have been either costly or a pain.

Vespa scooters
radios and chandliers
Jim and the kids were very cooperative. It was a nice night and the market wasn't busy at all, so the kids stayed outside of the stores while I looked around.

antique cars

This horse had working sound effects
On our way out we passed a section with pet stores-both with things for pets and stores that sold pets. We came across this groomer. This cat's mom is going to kill him when she sees what he's done to his hair.
The day after Christmas we headed south by van to Hua Hin. And....I finally came down with the stomach flu that's been going around our family. All things considered, it came at an excellent time-after we settled into our apartment here. We're here for the next week. We have a small but very nice apartment with 3 pools. And there's this:

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  1. I love hearing about your travels! We miss you here in the US! Hope the flu passes quickly...lots of love in the New Year Maggie, Jay and Ella