Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A new tradition? Thailand for Christmas again!

We loved it so much last year that we decided to come back to Thailand for winter break again this year. This year we found a cheap direct flight from Seoul to Bangkok.
 We got in late but had booked a place near the airport ahead of time. We took a taxi into Bangkok Tuesday morning. Our first day out we walked around the neighborhood and stumbled upon a little market.
nuts and nut cookies
fresh fruit 
watch out!
the kids got fruit and yogurt and Jim and I got Thai coffee
made with sweetened condensed milk
 We eventually headed to Terminal 21 mall to try to get sim cards for our phones and finish some last minute Christmas shopping. While I shopped, Jim took the kids to see the new movie Big Hero 6.
Want to know what it's about? So did I, here's what it's about according to August (that is a bandage on his forehead, he fell on ice 2 days before our trip and needed 5 stitches):

The kids outside Terminal 21

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