Monday, November 17, 2014

Seoul Campus Game Night!

Jim went to Singapore for a professional development conference on Socratic Seminar and I was feeling like doing something equally fun. Since it was me and the three kids, I was feeling kind of stuck in the apartment. I thought I should bring the fun to us by hosting a party! The staff at Seoul Campus has been talking about having a game night for at least a year now, so I thought this would be a perfect theme for my party. 
Ruby helped me set up
I promised my guests that I would make grilled cheese and told them all to bring something to share. Side note, you know how I've been trying to order groceries online for as long as we've been here? Well my friend and I have a new system set up. I go on the HomePlus website, click what I want and then when I'm ready, she pays for it and I pay her back. The first time I ended up with a can of beans (which I ordered) and 8 avocados (I meant to order 2). Well this time I ended up the correct order, but also with one million bananas. I meant to order 2 small bunches. I think what happened is that I ordered 2 large bunches and that they were on sale for "2+1".

Who wants a banana smoothie? Banana bread? Banana pancakes?
In the playroom
 Soon the apartment was filled with people and tons of food. The kids had their own party all around us.
In the kitchen

Eloise was sleepy, so I put a movie on for her

but like a bunch of child-sized moths to a computer-sized flame,
all the kids came to watch the movie on my bed

With the kids out of the way, we played "Telestrations" aka "Telephone pictionary". It's a super fun game that involves pieces of paper and drawing and interpreting drawing. I'm not going to explain the whole thing, just know that we had fun with it.
and yes, that is our Christmas tree (which we do every year on Peppero Day)

Dora, Melynda, Tara, Pam
Billy, Tara, Victorya, Adam and Katie
Russell and Megan
Josh, Jeff and Justin (oh Movember...)
Jen and Kristina
Me, giving out bananas

Mer, me, Jeff
Megan and Mer cracking up and something funny I said

Hey, so the next day the party continued! A bunch of the people who were at the party slept over at the Greene's house and they hosted breakfast. I made cronuts for the brunch.
Brunch was like being in America-great breakfasty food like pancakes, bacon and smoothies, college football on the TV, kids running around, it was really nice.

What a great weekend. We'll do something similar for American Thanksgiving...wait for it, I have high expectations for Thanksgiving. Let the eating begin!

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