Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lotte World Tower Mall

There's a spectacular new skyscraper being built in Seoul. I know this because I've watched it being built from my classroom window. In fact, we use it as a measure of the air quality-when we can't see the building, we know that we should stay inside. When it's finished, it will be 123 stories tall. Fun fact, once it's finished it will be the tallest building in all of Korea, finally beating out the Ryugyong hotel in North Korea. Wait, is wikipedia pulling my chain? That cannot be correct, the tallest building in Korea is in North Korea? Anyway, North Korea won't be #1 in building awesomeness for long:

You can't even see the top it's so tall!
So right at the entrance is the sparkly new Lotte World Mall. I went there because I heard it had "everything". Well it didn't have a Nars counter, just saying. It did have Hermes, Vivian Westwood and a whole bunch of other stores that were super fancy.
The view looking up in the middle of the mall
The kids were so excited to take these fancy stairs 
I think this guy actually fainted from the fanciness. 

The whole mall had interesting design elements and decor. This floor had a large section of the ceiling with these wire baskets and chains.

We walked and walked. My friend Sue told us that the kids would love the 4th floor. To get there from where we were, we had to go to the 5th floor bridge that connects the two parts of the mall, then go back down. On the bridge were lots of Pororos....

...and a view of the duck!

Overall, it's just kind of a fancy mall. Buuut look!

This is still a thing?!
The Lego store
Mac is everywhere, but look at the pretty ceiling-the whole
 cosmetic area had this ceiling of lights. It was really pretty.
We had dinner at On the Border. This is one of a few of this chain in Seoul. It's like being back in America though-bottomless chips and salsa and refills on your diet coke.

Here is the outside of the mall at night: it changes colors.
Overall, it's ok. I'm glad I got to see it before the whole thing comes crashing down. Sorry, there are some rumours (or actual news) floating around town about this building. Since starting construction on this there have been sinkholes developing around the neighborhood. This morning we had a chance to talk to a local architect, and he said the building is totally safe-the sinkholes are because of construction on subway line 9. And, hey, according to the International Business Times, "The Lotte Group has promised there is no danger". Even though it's safe, I can't see any reason to make a special trip there (except to go to the Hard Rock Cafe!).

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  1. I think I remember googling "tallest building in the world" 2 years ago and seeing the plans for the tower there. Sooo cool! Wait...those Ducks? What are those?