Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Sheep Cafe

Seoul has a million quirky cafes (remember the fish cafe? How about the Hello Kitty cafe? The wedding dress cafe, anyone?). I read about this one online last year and knew I had to visit. It's the Sheep Cafe! Which is actually called the Thanks Nature Cafe. It's in Hongdae and it's awesome.

The set up is less gross than what you're thinking. The cafe has two spaces: a normal, cafe-like indoor space and a gated patio with a few tables, a couple sheep and a pen.
The inside has a sheep theme and the outside has actual sheep.


Their names are Elsa and Anna
August with either Elsa or Anna

 When we got there the sheep were hanging out on the patio while some people who were having coffee. The sheep were very tame and let the kids pet them. Shortly after we showed up with 5 children (we were with the Cabaluna's), they put the sheep inside their pen. I doubt this was a coincidence. After they were in the pen it was feeding time and they let the kids feed them some dried herbs.

After petting the sheep for a while we ordered waffles. I got a banana waffle for the kids to split. It had bananas, whipped cream and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. They ate this treat like they'd been starved for days. Don't worry, before they ate the owner of the cafe dropped a package of baby wipes on the table for us to clean out hands.

eat! eat! EAT!
After the kids inhaled the waffle, they went right back outside to see the sheep.

Here's the whole gang. Please excuse my really tall hat.
You would have bought the same hat if you
had seen it in the $3 hat bin too. Trust me. 

Look how cute the sheep is in her little house.

As a "service" (freebie) the owner took our picture and printed it out on this little printer. We unanimously decided it should go to Leanne since she's moving to the Philippines and will need pictures on her refrigerator. 

 Side note. Occasionally couples will wear matching outfits to show they are in love. This couple must be very, very in love-look at their matching shoes!

Then dinner. We had travelled all the way to Hongdae-where else would we get dinner but Taco Bell?!
This is something new and it's good. I can't remember the name, but
don't worry, all Taco Bells have pictures on their menu. 

Overall, I can tell you that the sheep cafe is worth the journey to Hongdae. And for those of you looking for a reason to visit Korea, this could maybe nudge you in the direction of coming for a visit!

Directions to the sheep cafe:
Hongik University Station (line 2) exit 9. Walk striaght out of exit 9. At the first big intersection turn left and go up the hill. The cafe is across the street from the Aldo shoe store. It's on the B1 level, so you won't be able to see it just walking in the street. It's right below the cafe Cantata, look for this sign:

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