Thursday, October 2, 2014

International Day at Seoul Campus

I don't normally write about school too much, but today is an exception. Today was International Day at my campus.

Many kids wore traditional outfits from their culture. These girls are in Korean Hanbok

We have students from all over the place and we celebrated that by eating the most delicious foods their countries have to offer. As an American, I grew up thinking the best foods had to be chocolate chip cookies, mac and cheese and peanut butter, obviously. Then I got out of America and discovered that there are foods that are even better than those things. I can't belive I'm even writing this, but it's true. Here's what:

Canada: maple cookies. They're so good and I just found them here. $7.99 a box? And that's probably in Canadian dollars. Order them.

USA totally represented-hot dogs, pizza, mac and cheese, cupcakes-and I donated Hershey's chocolate!

Singapore had some Singapore toast, which was like everything else, delicious. It was toast with butter and something sweet on it.

China had a lot going on. They had egg rolls, some sort of bean filled treat, face painting and sculpture making.
 The sculptures were supposed to be of one of the zodiac symbols. They even had cookie cutter type molds. Something was off about this zodiac sign though:

Back to the food. Some high school students came over from Jim's campus to help out. These kids were from French class and they made Nutella and jam crepes! Although the first student told me they were called "craps"; her friends were right to laugh at her.

 This was the Korea table before it really got going. There was a lot of Korean food, I have to admit, I skipped it. I get enough Korean food at lunch.

Ooooh the Japan table! Amazing sushi-even the kind I like.

but who cares about sushi when there's a variety of KitKats: red bean, strawberry and green tea flavors.

Then we go to the middle east. They had hummus, veggies and falafel at the Saudi Arabia table.

Coconut, sesame and chocolate treats from the Kuait table and couscous and nutty rice at the Libya and Algeria tables.
(By the way, not pictured is Mexico, Germany, Costa Rica and Ecuador.)
Of course, one of my favorites of all time: Anzac biscuits from Australia. Our very good friend, Leanne (next to me) is moving to the Philippeans in a few weeks. We will surely need to visit her soon.
 Here's a video of my very first taste of VEGEMITE:

Other than food, there were a couple of cultural demonstrations. There was a Thai Chi demonstration that proved to me that I just don't understand Thai Chi.
And there was a B boy presentation. B-Boys are breakdancers. These guys were amazing.

August's favorite part was the face painting.

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