Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Another great Halloween!
Grace was a sugar skull, Ruby was a ballerina and August was Spiderman. The costumes were all perfect. We had all the costumes on hand in our dress up clothes (bought the spiderman mask for $4 at the DreamDepot in our neighborhood) and I love playing with makeup, so it was fun for everyone.
Grace and I practiced her makeup a few times over the weekend and I had two more times to get it right this week.

The first party was at school on Thursday. It was nice-they had classroom Halloween parties, parades, games and so on in the morning and then parent-teacher conferences Thursday afternoon. It was a smart way to structure the day.
before school Thursday
a blurry, close up of Grace's face with a Ruby photo bomb
The school party was really fun and all the kids and teachers dressed up.
Ms. Kim
One Direction (L-R Anna, Katie, BumJin, Laura, me)
At our school the specialist teachers (art, music, PE, library, Chinese) ran the halloween "carnival". I was in charge of tattoos.
Harry Stiles giving tattoos!!!!

I got these at the DreamDepot.
Quick-get this guy to a casino!
August's teacher made herself a Rainbow Fish costume-brilliant!
Miss Voss stayed like this for her afternoon parent-teacher conferences
Last year, Katie ordered this book of One Direction masks from the scholastic book order. We dressed the part and Laura even learned how to play their songs on the ukulele:

We had a good time and, as you can tell from the pictures, people said the masks were genuinely creepy.
Jim and the kids and I got home late, grabbed pork-cutlet and udon soup at a little restaurant and all fell asleep early.
Friday was a parent-teacher conference day followed by the Halloween party for the staff kids.
I got up early again knowing this was my last opportunity to perfect Grace's sugar skull makeup.

This video ends pretty abruptly, sorry about that. Here's a picture of Grace with the makeup:
We're all stuffed with too much sugar, but it was totally worth it. See you again next year, Halloween.
UPDATE: Because we live in the future (we're something like 15 hours ahead of Denver), Halloween was over in Korea before friends posted their American Halloween pictures. And I saw THIS:
(photo by Holly Garin)
WHAT? This combines two of my talents: giving fake tattoos and Sugar Skull makeup.
In traditional American style, the children sorted, counted, started at, smelled, compared and adored their candy this morning.

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