Thursday, September 25, 2014

We're officially Korean drivers

Well after living here for 2 years using an international drivers license that was only good for one year, we finally made ourselves legit. We made an appointment with Andrew (not to be confused with Andy) in the business office to take us to the DMV.

We'll start here. Because I was driving and I am a woman, I was allowed to park in the women only parking spots (right next to the handicapped space). I had read on the internet that these spaces were roomier to help women drivers. Andrew told us that that was not true, but it was more of a women's rights issue. According to my favorite source, Wikipedia, "In 2009, the city government of Seoul painted 4,929 parking spaces pink so that women do not have to walk as far to their destination and make the city more conducive to wearing high heels." This must be true. All the women in Seoul wear high heels all the time. It's a fact.

We went into this building: THE DMV!

 These women took all our documents.
 Then we waited.
 Getting your Korean license really isn't that difficult as long as you know what to do. For those of us from Colorado, we are required to get our licenses apostilled, whatever that means. Basically, have Jim drop off your license at some government building downtown Denver and then the people at that building will mail you your license and the apostille statement to you. And the licence or apostille statement had to be notarised too. Bring that, your license, your passport, cash, your ARC card, 3 passport pictures and your itinerary for your next trip out of town (they'll keep your state license until you can prove that you're leaving the country and need it back, so we brought our tickets for our trip for winter break) and you're set.

While August waited, he made friends with this woman:
 I love this woman because she gave me a sweet pat on the shoulder when Andrew told her that was the mother of twins. She said that twins are so much work and looked at me sympathetically.

 Next, we walked to a building next door to get our eyes checked.

I see that kindle in your hand Jim...
Aced it!
 Then more waiting...

 And BAM! There it is! How about that?!

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  1. Are you kidding me with the women parking spots?? Wow! I guess I really don't know what to think about that. I guess it means that men are in favor of women wearing high heels too? Must not be many ladies over 5' 9'' over there huh? ; )