Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shopping in Tokyo

On Thursday, when it was positively dumping down rain, the girls and I went shopping while Jim took August to some museums. We started in Shibuya, which is a popular shopping area in Tokyo and happened to be very close to where we were staying. This is kind of lame, but we really focused all our shopping efforts in Shibuya in just one store: Tokyo Hands (well that and Claire's). Tokyo Hands is a chain store that is all around Tokyo and it's pretty amazing. It is eight floors and each floor has a subfloor just a few steps up or down (2A, 2B, 2C and so on).

 It's several stores in one:
     An antique store....

   A hardware store....
   A luggage store....
(Look, I'm burning calories while shopping!):
   An art supply store....
  A Michael's....

    A Bed Bath and Beyond....

   A Party City....
     A PetSmart...

These dried fish are cat treats
The 7th floor has a dinosaur cafe. There are science-y things you can buy and dinosaur themed foods and drinks.
the dinosaur cafe

My T Rex latte

and this gem: caramel ice cream with salted potato chips
Across from Tokyo Hands was a Claire's and, sadly, we went there.
Next on the list was a store called Don Quijote. I had read on the internet that this was a place to see. Once I was inside, I realised I'd been to this store before when I went to Osaka last year. It's not that great. It's kind of a Spenser's, Walgreens, and dollar store all in one.
The best part of going to this store was finding pumpkin flavored KitKats. You can find all kinds of KitKats in Japan-green tea, red bean, and pumpkin. Picture a pumpkin spice latte, now imagine eating a KitKat while drinking that latte. It's that good.

On to the next part. Just one subway stop away from the main part of Shibuya is Harajyuku Street.
Harajyuku street has many trendy items. Being a mid-30s lady, very trendy things aren't for me any more. Poor me. So I skipped over the ironic bags, neon everything, 80s triangle earrings and left wanting to just go back to Tokyo Hands.

me feeling old in trendy Harajyuku

When we were done, we met up with Jim and August for a quick bite to eat and some adorable lattes by the subway near Harajyuku.

Grace's picture says "This is me on the 3rd day in Tokyo"
That night we ate delicious udon soup. They put a raw egg in the soup and the hot broth cooks the egg right in the soup. When I write it out like that it seems gross, but I'm telling you-it's delicious!

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