Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Clothing Swap II

Last year we started the year with a clothing swap and it was such a success that we brought it back this year.

Before I go further, I was looking at these pictures from the party today marvelling at how far we've come with this apartment. I found these pictures from when we first moved in. Look how empty the space is compared to how it is now:

Anyway, we had the swap. The idea is that when you arrive in Korea you have so little-especially toys-and after you've been here a while you acquire lots and lots of stuff. And just like at home, the kids grow out of things and get bored with their toys and you just need to pass it along. Who better to pass it along to than someone new who actually needs stuff?

The party went great. There were tons of toys and they nearly all got taken by new people.

 Lots of socialising (meeting my be-more-social goal already. Now if I could just do a pull up, all my goals would be complete!)

On to the food. Last year I was amazed that I knew how to throw a party after being so lost in the grocery when we first arrived. This year we had a yogurt bar and I made coffee cake in the crocpot!

Overall, the swap was a success. The funny thing is I didn't swap anything-I just hosted. But that's what I needed from it. Not the stuff-the time with people.
Oh, and just like last year, the dads were in charge of the kids. Since it was raining they took them to the Kid's Pang Pang!

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