Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back in Seoul for year 3

We've been back for a few weeks now. We have been busy getting unpacked, getting over jetlag and starting our 3rd year teaching/2nd grade/JK.

This is what jetlag looks like
 Here are the kids on the first day of school. It's going to be a very exciting year with the girls in 2nd grade (and starting language classes-Ruby will be taking Chinese and Grace will be taking Spanish) and August will be starting JK (class for 4 year olds).

We have just finished the first week of school and everyone is very happy. After the first day we went out for chicken dinner. A lot of places were closed this week for "summer break", so we tried a new place. It was OK. I did like sitting out on the sidewalk to eat. It hasn't been as unbearably hot this summer as it was the past 2 years.

It's my goal this year to be more social. I think the first year we were always out and about with other new families and last year we just settled in to regular life. We'd go to work and come home, watch tv, read, whatever. This year I want to spend more time with people-either out doing things or just hanging out at home.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party in Seoul Forest. This was our first time visiting Seoul Forest. It's pretty amazing. It's huge and beautiful and free. We ran into the Cabaluna's at the subway so we got to spend time with them on the way there and back! Yay!
Grace, Mia, Ruby, Jesse, August
Here we are in Seoul Forest, isn't it nice?

 OMG! I have it on very good authority that G Dragon lives in one of those buildings that over looks Seoul Forest.

Seoul Forest has this fun water fountain that runs for about twenty minutes every hour.

The park is huge, we only saw about 1/10 of it. There are lots of statues and art displayed around.

It seems that many people come for the day and set up tents (very close together) to hang out in or rest in after they've ridden around on rental bikes or hiked around or played in the fountain.

The best part of the birthday party for Jim was definitely the bubble party favors.

 After the party we all got back on the subway to go home. Look at me, totally partied out.

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