Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Water World aka The best day of Grace's Life (according to Grace)

Jim here, filling in for Irish because she made me.

Before we left Korea for the summer, just over a week ago-feels like longer- we made plans to meet up with The Trotters and O'Connors at Waterworld, a huge water park just north of Denver. Getting up early Thursday morning was challenging, our sleep was still all wrong with jet lag, and the night before Irish had made me go to a cross-fit gym which nearly broke me.  Still, we had agreed to go and at the very least I thought I could fall asleep in a lawn chair

I lived in Denver for 12 years before leaving for Korea but I had never been to Waterworld. I knew it was here, just never got around to going. Turns out I was missing out. It's not cheap, with the girls over 48 inches tall we had to pay full admission price, but that also meant they could go on any of the rides, even if it seemed a little dangerous for a six year old.

Grace and Lia
We started the day with a fun but fairly tame ride, four or five of us together in a raft. It was fun enough that we did it a few times, And then we moved on to the big time...

Jen and the girls-Lia, Ruby and Grace

We brought along our waterproof camera so I could record as I rode a few of the bigger rides.

Years ago I went down a steep slide like the one below and the seams on my swimsuit ripped, I was left wearing a loin cloth. this time the swimsuit held up.

After the steep slides we spent some time in a pool. Everyone got to practice their swim lesson skills, August put his head under water a lot, the girls floated around, I just kept counting and recounting kids to make sure I hadn't lost anyone.

August and Irish
Practicing going under water
Ruby swimming
We had a picnic lunch in a nice area. The day was absolutely perfect-no clouds, warm but not too hot.

The O'Connor's
Frustratingly after lunch the battery on the camera died. August and Irish went to another pool while the girls and I started with a dinosaur themed ride that the other kids were reluctant to go on- I may have pushed them a little, but they handled it really well. That success led to some reckless bravery.

We went on to the ride pictured here. In all honesty it scared me a little but the girls were allowed to go since they are over 48 inches tall, and they seemed enthusiastic about it.  When we got to the top there was a group in front of us who backed out at the last minute. It doesn't really look it in the picture, but from the top the drop seems almost vertical.  We decided to go down backwards, which seemed a little less scary. I was closest to the drop with the girls in front of me facing away. As we went over the edge I watched Ruby get airborne, just a few inches off the raft but enough to scare me badly, and then suddenly we were at the bottom and Ruby dropped back into the raft, then we were going up the other side and then down again. And then it was over. Grace was thrilled, Ruby really scared, but excited.

After that we kept up the courage with a ride we called the toilet bowl, that wasn't it's real name. Again,Grace was intensely excited, Ruby a little freaked out. After a dark ride through a tunnel you are shot out into the bowl seen below.

We wrapped up the day with a few more rides and then dinner with the Trotters who are sadly moving to Turkey next year. Our friends are spreading out around the world.

For the past few days Grace has been asking to go back to Waterworld, money is no object to her. We will be back next year though, something for her to look forward to.

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