Friday, June 20, 2014

Reunited! We go to Target

I love Target. Doesn't everyone love Target? There are no Targets at all in Korea and Katie indicated to me that Target in Australia isn't quite the same as our USA Target. When I went to Target, I took some pictures to show what makes this place so great to those of you who either a) have never been to an American Target or b) never even been to Target at all.

First of all, there was no confusion that I was at an American Target store, because look at what was parked in the parking lot:

How many guns do you think are under the front seat?

Target here is huge-in both popularity and actual square footage. It's vast:
And they have everything:


And here, this is just 1/4 of the makeup they have:

There is not enough space to go over the cute crap you can buy at Target.
Adorable robot decorations:

Adorable coordinating party decorations:

Adorable "celebration gum balls" that coordinate with your adorable party decorations:

Adorable jars to keep your adorable celebration gum balls in:

Adorable thank you cards:

In the end, we got a little of this and that. We didn't have working phones at this point and I couldn't find Jim (the store is that big). This guy offered to page Jim for me and allowed me to take his picture doing it. (OK after it. After he paged Jim I said, "Oh, I should have taken a picture of that!" And he said, "I can pretend" and posed for this picture.)
 Speaking of this guy, he is totally the Target Lady. (If this video won't play in your country, google it and you'll find some poor quality videos of it on youtube, worth the effort). This guy rang up our order and go so excited about the sales and deals. It really made up for the past year of not being near a Target.

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