Saturday, June 14, 2014

Guest blogger KATIE HOBBS covers the Etude House Makeup Class

This week we have a special guest blogger, Katie Hobss!

Hello friends and family of the Farleys.  I am honored to be a guest blogger this week. I hope I live up to the high standards that Jim and Irish have placed before me. I will be writing about our trip to a free makeup class put on by Etude House (pronounced E-tude-ue). I am quite thankful that I got such an interesting and thought provoking topic to write on.

Etude House is a cutesy Korean makeup store that are found all over Seoul. You can get things like BB creme, cute lip balm, and placenta face masks. Alix saw this free make up tutorial class online and immediately emailed Irish since she is the queen of all things make up, and we had to go!  I joined as well as her other friend Alix since we needed to learn how to look so darn beautiful and awake like all of the Koreans we see.    

Etude house calls makeup "play" because they want it to be fun and exciting.  Like playing.
This class took place in the "Little America" of Korea, and was all foreigners. We were a bit late and we got a call that said that we needed to hurry up. When we got in the room we saw about 25 foreigners squished all together, with no makeup, waiting patiently to figure out how to look so darn cute like the Korean Etude House ladies.

We listened to a tutorial slide show given by employees of Etude house. Then we watched a real live make over.  The lady giving the makeover was very nice and explained things very thoroughly in Korean, and into a microphone, while the translator translated into English, to foreigners, without a microphone. 
This it he palate that was given to us so we could follow along with the tutorial.  

This is the make up professional explaining all of the different styles of make up.  Like  "smoky", "bright", and "summer".

Now she is explaining how to place on eyeliner.

The time finally arrived to try all of our new skills on a real person!

Here is the volunteer that is getting half of her face done.  She was given a comfort pillow just in case she gets scared.
Honestly, the girl model did look fantastic afterwards.  My personal favorite was the rub on tattoo that they placed on her cheek that said "fighting!" ( the Korean equivalent of "go!") It was in honor of the world cup.

Then it was our turn to try out these new techniques that were going to change our lives. Unfortunately they only had one color for everyone, and we all just shared the same makeup. Lets home we didn't share the barfing flu too. But we all made it work and had fun. They even held a competition for the best makeup. We all think Irish got robbed. It turned more into a "who tried the hardest" competition.  Which is fine, but just call it that next time, ok?

Alix and Irish after!  Va va voom!
Afterwards we went to On the Border and got bottomless chips and salsa to stretch our stomachs in preparation of arriving back in America.  We are officially ready to come home now!

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